The Baltimore Metropolitan Area Chapter
of the Buffalo Soldiers

In the fall of 1995, under the leadership of Houston D. Wedlock and John M. Craig, an informal meeting was held at the Officers Club at Fort George G. Meade to consider the organizing of a chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers in the Baltimore area. All those in attendance were in agreement that there is a need for such an organization, lest the memories of the Buffalo Soldiers be forgotten.

The second meeting occured on September 20, 1995 at the Howard County Public Library in Columbia, Maryland. At this meeting, the group adopted the name of "Baltimore Metropolitan Area Chapter" as the official name of the group. Adopted as our mission was "To strengthen the awareness and enlighten the public on the role of the Buffalo Soldiers, in American History." Offices were established, and a slate to fill those offices was established. It was agreed that voting to fill the various offices will be done at the third meeting of the group.

The third meeting occured on October 21, 1995 at the Howard County Public Library in Columbia, Maryland. Officers for the newly established organization, "Baltimore Metropolitian Area Chapter of the 9th and 10th Buffalo Soldiers Association" were as followed:

Commander		Trooper Richard Robinson
Vice Commander	Trooper Captain Darryl Gilliam
Adjutant			Trooper Rose Pinder
Treasurer			Trooper Terri Brown
Chaplain			Trooper Rev. James Mccants
Historian			Trooper Melody Boyd
Historian			Trooper Phillip Merrill
Sergeant at Arms	Trooper Azamm Kamaal
Judge Advocate			- Open -
Membership		Trooper Leoner Battle
Director of Public Relations	Trooper Manny Locke
Hospitality & Programming	Trooper Betty Stokes

A letter of introduction to petition the National Organization for recognition of our chapter was to be drafted and submitted by the commander, Trooper Richard Robinson. The charter was granted to the Baltimore Metropolitan Area Chapter on July 25, 1996. A copy of this charter may be viewed by clicking on the entry below

View here to view our charter

All meetings following the third meeting has been and will be conducted in the Soldiers Armory at Morgan State University.